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Splash Pools offers a wide assortment of pools by well-known manufacturers, such as Legacy Edition, EZ Panel, Seaspray, Ovation, Garden Leisure, Celebration, Blue Cascade, Cornelius pools.

We install all our own pools... no sub-contractors! We do the grade work and install the electric (on the day of pool installation). We also help you obtain any required permits.

Please check out our latest specials on the Sales page.

We also display several fully installed pools and hot tubs at our store!

Deal directly with the owner to $ave, $ave, $ave.

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Legacy Edition Pools

Legacy Edition Pools
Custom inground pools with a multitude of options to choose from. It's time to create your own lasting Legacy.

You can choose your shape, liner, and all of the custom features that will make your Legacy Edition Pool as unique as your personality.

You can select the features that fit your taste, style and budget. As a Legacy Certified Builder, we can make your creation a reality.

With a design gallery brimming with options, the selection process will be fun for the whole family. Choose from over 60 pool shapes and sizes.

Once you have selected your desired pool shape, it's time to pick the vinyl liner. We have a wide variety of beautiful patterns and colors from which to choose. Select the vinyl liner that best matches your preference.

Now that you have selected the shape and liner for your pool, there are a variety of steps, benches, and even spas to choose from.

To create your Legacy Edition Pool, click HERE

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EZ Panel Pools

EZ Panel Pool™
EZ Panel Pool™ offers the durability and strength of aluminum combined with superior style and design.

There’s simply no pool like the GT 1100 EZ Panel Pool™. No in-ground pool so affordable. No semi in-ground pool so adaptable to the terrain. No aboveground pool so strong and durable, so attractive, or so quick and easy to install.

The GT 1100 EZ Panel Pool™ is beautifully designed and crafted to compliment your home and yard. It’s made strong, in the U.S.A., using unique engineering technology and the finest marine grade materials. From its extra-heavy extruded aluminum panels to its uniquely versatile design, the EZ Panel Pool™ speaks of enduring quality and up-scale aesthetic appeal.

To view more details click HERE

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Ovation / Seaspray / Celebration / Garden Leisure
Rio II™
The Ovation Rio above ground pool includes; 6-inch multi-ribbed top ledge, 5-inch fully supported uprights, Synpro™ resin decorator ledge cover. Comes in round or oval formats. Please call or come in for more details.

View details by clicking HERE

Seaspray knows that summer is a time to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. So our swimming pools are designed to become the central part of your backyard enjoyment. A Seaspray pool will make your backyard the center of entertainment.

View the Allure details by clicking HERE

Garden Leisure Oracle

The Oracle gold series pool offers a space saving oval set up, beautiful ivory frame and a shimmer wall design that blends well with any backyard living space.

View details by clicking HERE

Seaspray Genesis 54

Features :
  • 9” steel top ledge and steel bottom plates
  • Collar-lock engineering for secure joints
  • Attractive wall design
  • Space Saver uprights use less space in your yard
  • The most reliable coating in the industry
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Distinction LX
  • 8-inch multi-ribbed top ledge
  • 6-inch fully supportive uprights
  • Synpro™ resin decorator ledge cover
Wall Joint
  • Computer-designed wall joint ensures better resistance to water pressure
  • Oversized bolts augment stability
Protective Finishes
  • Zincguard™ 275 hot-dipped galvanized
  • Tru-Kote™
  • Polyenamel™ Kote
  • Resin-Shield™
  • Synpro™
  • Duoguard™
  • Tuf Base Z™
View details by clicking HERE

Seaspray Genesis 54

Seaspray® knows the backyard is becoming the focus of summer entertainment. The Genesis 54 is more than a swimming pool... it is emotion... it is pride in your home... it is fun with style.

The Genesis 54 combines the features of injection molded resin with design elements never seen before in an affordable backyard swimming pool.

View details by clicking HERE

Ovation Oasis

Superior construction for a semi-inground installation.

Built for semi-inground installation, the Oasis is a top-of-the-line aluminum pool. Enjoy the advantages that semi-inground installation has to offer; better landscaping, convenient access and a fantastic-looking pool!

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Blue Cascade Pools

The Lancaster

  • 52” pool height
  • 6” roll formed ledges & uprights
  • Grey electra wall
  • Universal plates & rails
  • Molded ledge covers
  • Dichromate hardware

View details by clicking HERE

The Inspiration

  • 52” pool height
  • 7” Crystex top ledges
  • 6” Crystex uprights
  • Triumph wall
  • Universal coated plates & rails
  • Molded ledge covers & foot covers
  • Stainless hardware

View details by clicking HERE

The Serenity

  • 52” pool height
  • 9” vinyl shield ledges
  • 7” vinyl shield uprights
  • Sea pearl wall
  • Resin bottom plates & rails
  • Steel top plates & rails (reversible)
  • Resin ledges & foot covers

View details by clicking HERE

The Caledonia

  • 52” pool height
  • 7.5” true radius resin ledges
  • 6” steel uprights
  • Buttress free ovals
  • Azure wall
  • Resin plates & rails
  • Three piece ledge covers
  • Foot covers

View details by clicking HERE

The Harmony

  • 54” pool height
  • 9” true radius resin ledges
  • 7” resin uprights
  • Buttress free ovals
  • Galaxy wall
  • Resin plates & rails
  • One piece ledge & foot covers

View details by clicking HERE

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Cornelius Pools



Incredible value is built right into our ALPHA above ground pool. Designed with active families in mind, the ALPHA features strength and beauty as an attractive addition to any family's home.

The ALPHA boasts a completely integrated construction from the ground up. Three key components form the sturdy backbone of this pool—the wall, frame and sub-frame.

View details by clicking HERE



The Millennium Pool will add classic beauty to any backyard. It's exclusive Tuscan wall pattern reflects timeless style and taste. • The column uprights and two piece resin caps compliment the classical decor and provide integral support to the large 7” top ledge and 6" vertical. • The Millennium pool is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel for unparalleled strength and durability. • The wall and frame are coated with a three process paint system to provide protection from the elements. A clear liquid vinyl top coat assures the the Millennium pool will last for many years. • Attention to product quality continues with oversized connectors, coated top and bottom tracks and a simplified hardware system for ease of installation and a secure fit. • The Millennium oval pool is available with a traditonal buttress.

View details by clicking HERE



The pool features a large 7” extruded resin top ledge and 2 piece form fitting resin cap. Resin components provide durability where it is most needed and carry a lifetime warranty. The wall and all other frame components are made of hot dipped galvanized steel giving the pool the strength it needs to contain thousands of gallons of water. They are primed, painted, and coated with clear liquid vinyl for true weatherability.

The PACIFICA oval pool is available with a traditional buttress system or a new space saving Narrow Buttress System “NBS”. Both systems use heavy gauge steel components to create a true straight sided oval.

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Dynasty - Khaki Wall

The sturdy DYNASTY khaki colored pool frame consists of a wide, 8-inch extruded resin ledge, coupled with a 7-inch extruded resin post and topped with a three-piece injection molded resin cap and post collar.

Designed and built to the highest standards in the industry, the 52" DYNASTY is carefully crafted to provide years of problem-free enjoyment. Three components form the solid, integrated structure of the DYNASTY—the wall, frame and sub-frame.

View details by clicking HERE
Visit the manufacturer's website: http://www.corneliuspools.com/

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