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Splash Pools offers a wide assortment of Spas and Hot Tubs from well-known manufacturers, such as Champion and Garden Leisure.

We install all our own Hot Tubs and Spas... no sub-contractors. We also install the electric (day of installation) and assist with obtaining the permit (if required).

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Deal directly with the owner to $ave, $ave, $ave.

Here are some of the different spas and hot tubs we have to offer...

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Champion Spas

MultiZone™: MultiZone™ Ozone System is the Champion Spas™ custom designed ozone diffusion process which combines with the Microban™ Filtration System. Standard in the Champion Spas™ Line.
ThermalCore™: ThermalCore™ warm air retention system efficiently uses the spas waste heat to aid in this insulation system.
MultiClean™: A Champion Trademark and the heart of the Champion Spas™ Operation System. The MultiClean™ Circulation System operates a dual speed energy efficient pump so your water is warm, always clean, and waiting on your demand.
The Champion 108 Champion 108 Spa
The Champion 213 Champion 213 Spa
The Champion 215 Champion 215 Spa
The Champion 320 Champion 320 Spa
The Champion 436 Champion 436 Spa
The Champion 540 Champion 540 Spa
The Champion 650 Champion 650 Spa
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Garden Leisure Spas

DAISY FEATURES: H.D.P.E. Shell, Maintenance-Free Skirting, 2" Plumbing With Manifold, 1-1.5 bhp Pump, Gecko™ 110 V/30 A 1.0 kW Heater, Lighted Foot Well, Ozone-Ready 50 ft² Filtration System, 2 lb. Density "Closed Cell" Foam, 12 V Underwater Light - COVER INCLUDED! The Daisy combines the features of the original hot tub with the benefits of modern hydrotherapy.

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AZALEA FEATURES: Maintenance-Free Skirting, Solid Wrap-Around ABS Bottom, Padded Headrest, Lumbar Support Lounger, 200 GPM Drain, Digital Topside Control, TheraV Seat, 1-1.5 bhp Pump, Gecko™ Electronic Controls, Ozone-Ready 50 ft² Filtration System, 2 lb. Density "Closed Cell" Foam, 12 V Underwater Light - COVER INCLUDED! The Azalea offers the perfect blend of space-saving and high-performance features. It has a lumbar support lounger with padded headrest and two deep bucket seats. If you have limited space, or just want the benefits of a high-performance spa, the Azalea will be perfect for you.

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Luster - 1106 - 1101
Lustre -Line


The star of the Lustre line, the 1106 is 450-gallons of water-infused luxury. From its gently rushing waterfall to the self-diagnostic spa management controls, the 1106 offers comfort and durability in one elegant package.

A wealth of amenities assures the 1106 its top-of-the-line status. Pipe the soothing sounds of spa living into the air with the built-in stereo system; illuminate the bubbling waters with a rainbow’s choice of colors, compliments of the LED lighting; or just indulge in the simple comfort of one of the 1106’s three cushioned spa pillows.

With seating for six and 60 strategically placed stainless steel jets, there’s ample room for everyone to get a first-class rub down from the Lustre 1106.

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